Many undergraduate students in the Department of Kinesiology are required to complete an internship. These experiences may vary in length (typically 10 to 16 weeks) and may also vary in the number of semesters of involvement. For example, athletic trainers participate in field work every semester from their sophomore year until graduation. Over 200 Kinesiology students participate in internships each year.

Where do our students go? Everywhere!

  • In the exercise science and community/public health options, approximately 40 percent of students go out-of-state for special opportunities that relate to a region of the country or a large-city environment.
  • Teacher preparation students and athletic trainers tend to stay closer to Ames for more frequent and specialized observation and feedback.

Our students work in a variety of settings, taking on many different job titles and professional roles:

  • Athletic training students work with collegiate athletes, high school sports teams, and various special events such as Special Olympics. They also work in professional sports such as with NBA or WNBA teams, as well as within hospitals and sports medicine clinics.
  • Physical Education Licensure students work in elementary, junior high, and high schools to teach health and physical education and to coach a variety of interscholastic sports.
  • Exercise Science students work in private health clubs and spas, corporate wellness programs, strength and conditioning/sports enhancement programs, and clinical settings (such as cardiac rehabilitation programs).
  • Community/Public Health students work in a variety of community and public health agencies (e.g. county health offices), for for non-profit organizations such as the American Heart Association, Red Cross), or for national organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Pre-health students work in physical therapy settings, physician assistant programs, and other medical fields.
  • Physical Activity and Public Healthstudents work in various health promotion settings (e.g. worksite wellness programming), or pursue opportunities in health coaching in community and clinical settings.

During their internship, students are guided by an ISU faculty supervisor who assists the student in integrating his or her curricular preparation and making it operational within the internship setting:

  • Kinesiology faculty from within the student's curricular area are assigned to work with and supervise each student's work.
  • Papers and reports are submitted by the student to the supervising faculty member throughout the internship.
  • On-site visits and/or phone contacts occur during the field work, and critiques, feedback and suggestions are given to each student.

See the Kinesiology Internship Resources for more information.

Internship examples

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