Student profiles


Bailey Junge

Bailey Junge's interest in the human anatomy led her to pursue kinesiology and health at Iowa State University. Throughout her college career, she has acquired multiple hands-on medical experiences to help prepare her for graduate school and beyond. 

Jordan Jack


Since a young age, Jordan Jack has been determined to pursue a career within the realm of sports. Now a junior at Iowa State, he is gaining a variety of experience to help advance him into his future career and ultimately fulfill his dreams.

McKenna Meier


McKenna Meier expands personal horizons as she pursues becoming a pediatric physical therapist outside of her home-state of Montana. No matter where she ends up, she plans to help make a difference in people's lives. 

Josh Riesenberg


Josh Riesenberg has always enjoyed staying active, as well as creating positive change in people's lives. To combine these two interests, kinesiology and health was the perfect fit for him. Now, Josh is working at holding his dream job of working in sport biomechanics to help athletes prevent sports-related injuries. 

Hannah Buscher


Hannah Buscher has been inspired throughout her life to go into the medical field, and at Iowa State, she's preparing to do just that. Hannah is studying kinesiology and health in hopes of changing people's lives for the better.

Anna Davis


Anna Davis always had a feeling that she'd end up going into the health field. Here at Iowa State, she's following her dream and aiming to become a pediatric occupational therapist.

Lucas Jurasek

Lucas Jurasek has always held a passion for deepening human connection. Combining this passion with his desire to help others medically led him to discover his dream career of becoming a physician. 

Ashtyn Perrin


Ashtyn Perrin discovered her passion for optometry through conducting research with the ophthalmology department in Iowa State's College of Veterinary Medicine. Although she plans on working with humans in the future, the opportunity provided her with bountiful amounts of experience and a newfound passion. 

Emma Christopher


Emma Christopher became interested in the physical therapy career path in middle school while preparing for a school presentation. Since then, she's always known she would end up where she is now: studying to become a physical therapist at Iowa State University.

Morgan Brinning

Morgan Brinning grew up as an Iowa State University fan, as both of her parents are alumni. But she quickly developed her own connection to the university after touring the kinesiology department on campus, and discovered her home away from home. 

Jace Leininger


After recovering from multiple sports injuries as a high school athlete, Jace Leininger knew that he was interested in pursuing a medical career to help others. Because of the role models he had growing up, he now wants to become a role model for children himself, as a pediatrician.

Anna Tystahl


Anna Tystahl's heart has always been set on attending Iowa State University. Carrying her grandfather's Cyclone passion with her, she strives to aid others in her future career as a physician assistant. 

Nikki Latimer

Nikki Latimer's natural leadership skills have allowed her to flourish within both on and off campus organizations. Ecstatic to expand upon her knowledge on pre-occupational therapy, Nikki looks towards the future by applying to graduate programs.

Dillon Burns


Dillon Burns is a highly nontraditional student who decided to further his education at Iowa State University. Now, Dillon operates his own business, Anchor Fitness & Nutrition.

Lucy Burzynski


Lucy Burzynski's overall passion for social justice and eliminating systemic barriers shines through as she works towards her career aspirations of working with a non-profit providing exercise, sport, and health resources for diverse and oppressed communities.

Lily Harvison

Growing up with family ties to the medical field, Lily Harvison has always envisioned herself following suit. Now living out those aspirations, she is working toward becoming a physician assistant and helping others on a day to day basis. 

Tilak Patel


Tilak Patel gains a deeper look into bio-mechanics through undergraduate research; serves as president of Weight Club.

Allison Buckert


Growing up, Allison Buckert always enjoyed visiting her older sister on Iowa State University's campus. Now, a junior at Iowa State, Allison is living her own adventure while pursuing her dream career of becoming a physician assistant. 

Cortney Elkin


Cortney Elkin investigates the intricacies of the human body through studying kinesiology and dancing.

Jonathan Mennecke


Jonathan Mennecke participates in undergraduate research to continue building his knowledge of cardiovascular systems.

Taeghan Sharpe

Taeghan Sharpe gains experience through volunteer work at a physical therapy office, while also upholding leadership positions in her activities.

Mikayla Weron


Mikayla Weron aims to become a physician assistant in the future. She's becoming involved in all she can at Iowa State to best prepare for graduate school and her future.

Maggie Davis


Since high school, Maggie Davis has asked herself how she can become the best version of herself through nutrition and activity. Now majoring in diet and exercise at Iowa State University, she's learning to answer that question for herself and for others.

Faith Anton


Faith Anton has been interested in diet, exercise, and health from a young age, often doing her own research. Now a junior at Iowa State, Faith is excited to utilize the information she's gathered and apply it to her dream career as a physician assistant. 

Leidys Gutierrez-Martinez


Leidys Gutierrez-Martinez became a practicing physician in Colombia before coming to Iowa State University to research cardiovascular health under associate professor of kinesiology, Duck-Chul Lee.

Tanner Bos


Tanner Bos is channeling his love for football into his future career. Read how this athletic training student snagged a prestigious internship with the Denver Broncos.

Emily Carley


Emily Carley has always wanted to be a physical therapist; now, she's studying kinesiology and psychology at Iowa State to make her dream a reality. 

Marcus England


Marcus England has always loved the sports world; through wrestling in high school he found the career path he wanted to follow. Now a senior at Iowa State, Marcus is excited to see how he can aid athletes in his future career.

Julia Hansen


Julia Hansen has undergone physical therapy as a patient, and now looks to pursue it as a career. Read more about how the kinesiology and health program has helped Julia to obtain research opportunities to extend her knowledge on the human body.

Gabrielle Woods


Gabrielle Woods has been impacted by Alzheimer's disease in her personal life, and that pushed her even closer to studying gerontology. Read about how the gerontology master's program has led Gabrielle to a future career of helping others through hardships.

Maria Perez


Maria Perez went from majoring in theater arts as an undergraduate to pursing a PhD in kinesiology with a focus in exercise psychology. She's now passionate about informing others about the mental health benefits of being active.

Sydney Washington


Sydney Washington plans to work as a general dentist for the U.S. Air Force. When she isn't studying, Sydney spends "me time" going to the gym or hanging out with family.

Jamie Stuhr


Jamie Stuhr plans to work as a physical therapist after graduation. When she isn't studying, Jamie enjoys hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, going to the movies, and going to Buffalo Wild Wings every Tuesday night. 

Sofia Mendoza


Sofia Mendoza is one of seven students who earned a 2019 Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Research Internship. She plans on being a health care provider and focus on preventive medicine research. 

KJ Rauch


KJ Rauch plans to work as an occupational therapist in an acute rehabilitation unit at a hospital. When she isn't studying, KJ enjoys finding recipes on Pinterest, going to concerts and sporting events, watching Netflix, and spending time with friends and family.

Paige Perkins


Paige Perkins is geared toward working with campus recreation after she graduates. When she isn't studying or running CHAARG, Paige enjoys working out and spending time with her friends.

Hannah Sunderman


Hannah Sunderman is studying to become a cardiac rehabilitation specialist after graduation. When she isn't studying, Hannah enjoys being active outside and attending Iowa State University sports events.

Hannah Van Roekel

<p>“I love being able to apply everything I learn in class in the athletic training room every day. It makes classes seem worthwhile.”</p>

Hannah Van Roekel wants to go into athletic training or physical therapy after she graduates. When she isn't working in the gymnastics athletic training clinic, Hannah enjoys running, baking, and crocheting.

Zoe Lambert


Zoe Lambert is keeping her options open when it comes to her career, but she hopes to go into healthcare policy, academia, or become a physician. When Zoe isn't studying, she enjoys going to the gym, tending to her cacti and succulents, and listening to podcasts.

Katie Stearney


Katie Stearney is working to become a physician's assistant in an under-served community after she graduates. When she gets time to herself she enjoys running, reading, cooking, and practicing yoga.

Isabella Ellis


Isabella Ellis wants to work as a physical education teacher for an elementary school after graduation. Outside of her classes, clubs, and homework, she enjoys reading, watching HGTV, and working out.

Megan Wiese


Megan Wiese looks forward to chiropractic school once she completes her undergraduate degree at Iowa State University. When she isn't preparing for her next adventure, she spends time hammocking with friends or trying to catch up on sleep and Netflix.

Corey Ball


Corey Ball looks forward to becoming a physical therapist for athletes after he graduates. Until then, Corey enjoys spending his time listening to music, playing basketball, and lifting.

Ryan True


Ryan True plans to become a fitness entrepreneur servicing the wellness needs of seniors. Until then, he likes to watch The Office or whatever is on Comedy Central when he isn't studying.

Brandon Jackson


Brandon Jackson chose Iowa State University for the kinesiology program. When he isn't studying to become a physical therapist, you can find him working out, watching Netflix, or thrift shopping.

Carter Reed


Carter Reed wants to use his doctoral degree to eventually teach university students. During his time outside of class and lab work, he enjoys playing sports, reading books, playing guitar, and hanging out with friends.

Macy Morrow


Macy Morrow wants to become a physician assistant and eventually work for Doctors Without Borders. When she isn't studying, she likes to explore campus, hammock, and hang out with friends.

Haley Schany


Haley Schany is certain she wants to be a physician assistant. In the mean time, she enjoys going on adventures with friends and cheering on the Cyclones with the greatest fan base in the country.

Andra Luth


Andra Luth decided to major in kinesiology after suffering a sports injury in high school. When she isn't preparing for physical therapy school, she enjoys running and watching "Friends" with her roommates.

Kenneth Echevarria


Ken Echevarria loves learning about diet and exercise science. When he isn’t studying, he enjoys spending time at State Gym, making music, or hanging out around central campus.