Service learning

“Service learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.”
- Learn and Serve America National Service Learning Clearinghouse

Active reflection through service learning distinguishes it from forms of volunteering, but active volunteerism and community engagement can also provide students with opportunities for personal growth and civic learning. A volunteer portal (VoPo) has been established by the department to facilitate volunteerism and service learning within the Department of Kinesiology and across the ISU Community.

Service Learning

Volunteer portal

ISU students are strongly encouraged to register through the ISU VoPo Page (powered by GivePulse) to receive updates on opportunities and to establish a personalized record of volunteer/service “Impacts” over time. The following description of VoPo says it all:

The Iowa State University VoPo is The Place for students to come to find volunteer opportunities on campus. We work with students, clubs, organizations, and Greek chapters to provide up-to-date information about the opportunities for volunteer civic engagement on campus and service-based initiatives that extend into the community at Iowa State University.

Courses with service learning components

More formalized service learning is embedded in a variety of Kinesiology courses to provide students with opportunities to gain real world-experience while also providing valuable service to the campus and community. Examples of courses with formalized service learning components include HS 380 (Worksite Health Promotion), HS 430 (Community Health Program Development), and KIN 471 (Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education) to name a few. A number of other courses include applied learning or experiential learning opportunities but may not be defined as (or set up as) a service learning course. Supplemental service learning opportunities are also available through a more open-ended service learning course (KIN 391: Service Learning Leadership Experience). These opportunities must be set up and approved by individual faculty members. A number of service learning opportunities have been set up through associated departmental outreach programming to enable students to contribute to ongoing programming on campus and in the community. The sub-navigation on the left of this page provide additional information about specific KIN 391 service learning opportunities in these areas.