Other awards and assistance

Beran International Service Scholarship

George and Jan Beran established this scholarship to support physical education students pursuing international experiences.


  1. Must be enrolled in the College of Human Sciences majoring in Kinesiology and Health.
  2. Must be a physical education major planning to study abroad.


Procedure: See the College of Human Sciences International Programs website for additional information.


Fisk Family Kinesiology Internship Scholarship

Debra D. Fisk and Jed A. Fisk established this scholarship to support students in the Department of Kinesiology in the College of Human Sciences. 


  1. Recipients shall be participating in an unpaid internship
  2. Preference shall be for Iowa residents
  3. Preference shall be for students who are majoring in Kinesiology and Health with a career option of exercise science


Procedure:  See the College of Human Sciences Internship website for additional information.

Houlihan Family Internship Scholarship in Kinesiology

Earlene Houlihan, a 1961 Physical Education for Women graduate, understands the importance of internships and wishes to support students during these valuable experiences.


  1. Recipients shall be enrolled in the College of Humans Sciences majoring in Kinesiology
  2. Recipients shall be completing an unpaid internship


Procedure:  See the College of Human Sciences Internship website for additional information.

Irma Whitfield and Lura Mae Johnson Scholarship

Purpose: To provide emergency financial assistance to a female KIN or Athletic Training student. First priority will be given to assist with immediate emergency needs (ie. tuition/books, travel for family emergency, etc.). Second priority will be for students who have secured the maximum financial aid awardable and who cannot finish their academic program without assistance.


  1. Must be an undergraduate student currently enrolled at ISU in KIN. Must be a female with at least sophomore classification.
  2. Must be able to demonstrate financial need through FAFSA for the current school year or through other information supplied to the funding committee.


Procedure: Complete the Whitfield/Johnson application form with written support from the student's academic adviser. Request the application form from your adviser.  An application can be submitted at any point during the semester and will be reviewed as soon as possible.

Robert Watkins and Mary Swartz Athletic Trainer Achievement Award

Bill Watkins, a former athletic training student at Iowa State University, established this scholarship in honor of his parents.


  1. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and be enrolled full time.
  2. Must have completed 4 semesters in the Athletic Training Education Program.
  3. Students must be members in good standing with the National Athletic Trainer’s Association.
  4. Students must show professional involvement and leadership skills through any or all of the following:
  • Involvement in voluntary service and related activities (Special Olympics, Iowa Games, etc.)
  • Involvement and attendance in professional organizations, workshops, and meetings.
  • Willingness to take on and complete given responsibilities.
  • Ability to get other students involved to generate and share ideas.
  • Having organizational and time management skills.
  • Evoke a strong work ethic.

Procedure: The application deadline is January 14, and the award recipients are announced at the Kinesiology Spring Awards Banquet and the Athletic Training Education Program Annual Banquet. See the Athletic Training webpage for information about this and other AT awards. (Download the application from the AT website.)