Youth Programs

Swim and Gym

Swim and Gym is a ten-week after school physical activity program for children that meets twice a week in the fall and spring semesters,providing an hour of gym time and half an hour of swimming lessons during each session. The program is staffed by undergraduate students pursuing a degree in physical education.

Current Swim and Gym information

Summer Youth Fitness Camp

The Summer Youth Fitness Camp is offered in June and July each summer. The staff are Iowa State University students.  The Summer Youth Fitness schedule is posted online every summer. Please contact Jennifer Smith if you have questions about the program.

Current Summer Youth Fitness Camp information

Tuesday's Creations

Tuesday's Creations is a six-week dance program for elementary age children offered in the fall and spring in the Betty Toman Dance Theatre in the Forker Building. There is no cost for enrolling in the program. Please contact Janice Baker if you have questions about the program.

Department of Cultural Affairs at the Iowa Historical Building

During Mammoth Mondays elementary students spend the day at the State Historical Building visiting exhibits and participating in a thirty minute dance/movement class facilitated by Iowa State Dance students. Affectionately referred to as "the attack of the 200 third graders," the groups are arranged into ten people tribes to solve a series of dance "problems."

Des Moines Art Center

Assistant Professor Janice Baker facilitates the Creative Day for the Des Moines Art Center yearly. This full day event brings first and second grades to the facility for a half day when they tour the gallery, produce a hands on art project, and create movement responses to a chosen art work. Responding to an assortment of music and props, the students paint the artwork in space.  The authentic movement responses of the students are amazingly articulate and expressive. Iowa State dance students are encouraged to attend and help facilitate the six classes.