Iowa Switch


Switch is an evidence-based, obesity prevention program designed to help schools enhance school wellness programming for youth. Switch is an ISU-trademarked program that is managed by an interdisciplinary team of faculty and graduate students. The program honors the original legacy of the SWITCH program which challenges youth to "switch what they DO, View and Chew" but it has been refined and adapted for web-based programming to facilitate broader dissemination across the state. Through a new USDA funded project, the ISU Switch team is currently enrolling schools to participate in an evaluation of new school-based modules designed to enhance integration with school wellness programming.

The SWITCH program is managed through a participatory network that allows the ISU project team to work with schools (and school wellness committees) to refine and improve the programming over time. Schools that enlist in this special opportunity will receive training and ongoing support designed to help schools take full advantage of the SWITCH programming resources. Schools can enroll for free for the first year (normally $500) and will be guided through strategies to enhance the program and to sustain it over time. Optional resource kit with posters, manuals and SWITCH tokens for school incentives are available through approved vendors. The goal of the project is to help schools (and school wellness teams) learn how to create healthier environments at school and how to promote healthier lifestyle practices in their students. If you are interested in further information about how to bring Switch to your local school (or interested in sponsoring school Switch programs), please contact the Principal Investigator of the Switch project, Greg Welk or visit the Switch website.