Goal three

We endeavor to serve the public and the university community by translating our research into practice and to serve the university and our profession through leadership.

Objective 1: Maintain and pursue outreach opportunities on campus and across the state

We value engagement with the public through extension of our scholarship and discovery that addresses societal needs. Not only will outreach be a benefit to the public, but it will also increase the visibility and reputation of the Department of Kinesiology.


  • Promotion of physical activity and healthy lifestyles among students, faculty and staff by actively pursuing service-related programming on campus.
  • Promotion of physical activity and healthy lifestyles in local communities and across Iowa through involvement in school, worksite and community programming.

Objective 2: Maintain, pursue and support professional service opportunities

Professional service enhances the visibility and impact of the department, the discipline of kinesiology and related professions. Involvement in professional activities also increases interactions with colleagues, spurring collaborations and ideas and promoting our department.


  • Encourage interaction and collaboration with colleagues through travel support to conferences and universities.
  • Encourage professional service by providing support and release time to serve as an officer in national and international organizations, as an editor for journals and on review panels for extramural research agencies.

Objective 3: Pursue outreach opportunities that enhance the financial stability of the Department

Efforts to develop and enhance outreach programming will increase opportunities for new subcontracts, grants and economic development funds and provide funding.


  • Pursue subcontract and service contracts with companies to enhance our labs, build expertise and promote economic stability.
  • Pursue outreach and service contracts to deliver campus and community programming that maximize our reach and impact.
  • Seek opportunities to obtain matching funds from internal and external organizations aimed at promoting economic development.

Leading Indicators for Goal 3

  • Percent of faculty involved in service-related projects, programs and/or public performances.
  • Number of people served in service-related projects and programs.
  • Number of service courses offered in physical activity, health and dance and number of students served.
  • Number of faculty involved in leadership positions in national or international organizations.
  • Number of faculty involved on editorial boards and national review panels and number of journals for which faculty are reviewing manuscripts.