Goal five

A positive working and learning environment energizes people to do their best work. We value a departmental atmosphere in which there is mutual respect, one that is enjoyable, and one in which integrity and honesty is the norm.

Objective 1: Cultivate departmental norms of high ethics

Actions and decisions that reflect honesty and strong ethics prepare our students to positively impact society and maintain the integrity of our workplace.


  • Practice and promote honesty and excellence in classroom teaching practices.
  • Practice and promote honesty and excellence in research with students and colleagues.
  • Teach ethics of scientific and academic honesty implicitly and explicitly.
  • Adhere to University policies for academic misconduct.
  • Require completion of university ethics class for doctoral students.
  • Require completion of IRB training and other appropriate training for all graduate students during first year at ISU.
  • Engage in periodic discussion of academic integrity and conduct during graduate student orientation, doctoral seminars and faculty/staff meetings.

Objective 2: Create a culture of communication and mutual respect

Mutual respect fosters positive communication and an environment of trust and cooperation, creating an environment in which people are energized for work.


  • Increase interaction and cooperation across labs and areas through sharing of equipment and space.
  • Increase interaction among sub-disciplines through small group discussions and activities such as journal club, doctoral seminars, and research collaborations.
  • Encourage attendance at research presentations in the doctoral seminar by faculty members and Master's students.

Objective 3: Foster collegiality between graduate students, faculty, staff, retired faculty and alumni

People in the Department enjoy one another and we want to keep it that way.


  • Continue informal gatherings and/or social events that bring faculty and staff together within and outside the workplace that foster opportunities to get to know each other better.
  • Use faculty fall meeting and the January retreat to foster connections and engagement.
  • Enhance use of the Clipboard to communicate with retired faculty and with alumni.
  • Build and maintain a more alumni-friendly web site.
  • Periodic assessment of faculty, staff and graduate student satisfaction.

Leading Indicators for Goal 5

  • Percent of undergraduate and graduate students who take a class in which ethics is discussed.
  • Morale of faculty, staff and graduate students based on a periodic survey.