Securing an internship

Researching agency sites

  • Site selection information. Information will be given in EXSP/HS 385 regarding the procedures in site location and selection early in the semester prior to the intended interned semester. General requirements, policies, and procedures will be discussed.
  • Student responsibility. The student is responsible for conducting a search for possible agency sites. Numerous resources are available in the internship coordinator's office (Room 244) to assist the student in their search for agencies.
  • Application. A printable application is available (doc, PDF). It must be completed by each student stating the intention to complete an internship during a specified semester. Applications must be submitted to the internship coordinator (Room 244) by no later than one month into the semester prior to the intended internship.
  • Review. The application will be reviewed by the internship coordinator to ensure that minimum coursework requirements and grade point averages have been met. The student will be informed of acceptance for an internship upon review by the coordinator.

Agency acceptance and faculty assignment

Following the student's agency search, the final site selection and confirmation must be arranged through the internship coordinator. The following steps must be completed:

  1. The Agency Acceptance Form is completed by the agency and the student. This form outlines the specifics of the internship -- job responsibilities and work assignments, starting/concluding dates, etc. (doc, PDF).
  2. The Agency Acceptance Form is reviewed by the internship coordinator and student, and final acceptance is given. An assignment may be refused by the coordinator if the experience does not fulfill internship requirements.
  3. Following agency approval, a faculty supervisor will be assigned to the student to assist with the completion of the internship. The student will meet with the assigned faculty to review the expected format and due dates of reports and other details of communication.