Records and reports

Orientation report

  1. General student information - name, local address, phone, schedule, and other pertinent information.
  2. Job analysis
    • Name, general description and history of agency, and name(s) of immediate agency supervisor(s)
    • Statement of duties and responsibilities including time schedule, activities, place of operation, and related information
    • Description of the participants with whom the training will be done
    • Facilities, equipment, and similar factors
    • Personal goals and objectives for the assignment and how the student plans to achieve these goals

Integrative discussions

These assignments focus on topics outlined in a list of questions to be obtained from the faculty supervisor. The faculty supervisor will distribute the topics prior to the internship and will assign the number of questions to be answered and the due dates for each integrative report. Each integrative paper should be a minimum of 500 words with the purpose of linking classroom concepts to examples and realities of internships.

Final report

This report should include a record of activities and accomplishments during the internship. It should include an evaluation of the entire training experience including activities, methods followed in completing program plans, and other pertinent information.