Policies, requirements, and liabilities

General policies

  1. A student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 with no outstanding incompletes to be considered for an internship. The student must meet all course prerequisites to qualify for internship credit (see the ISU Bulletin for appropriate prerequisites).
  2. The university accepts no liability for health, accident, or tort claims. Each student must secure his or her own personal professional liability insurance regardless of whether they are covered as an employee or volunteer of the agency.
  3. Assignments are for a minimum of 10 weeks up to 16 weeks in length and may be completed during the fall, spring, or summer semester.
  4. Students will be assigned to agencies which provide established services and to agency supervisors who are full-time professionals with no less than six months experience with the agency.
  5. Although the student is assigned the process of seeking placement, the university internship coordinator makes all concluding arrangements for placement. No final agreements may be made by the student alone.
  6. The dates of placement are to be defined on the Agency Acceptance Form form. Holidays to be honored during the placement will be determined according to agency schedules and are not necessarily in conjunction with the university schedule.
  7. Internship students are expected to assume the responsibilities of a regular staff member. The student is to report promptly at assigned times and according to prearranged schedules. Absence from assignments should not occur without justifiable reason and should be cleared in advance with the agency supervisor.
  8. Students will not be allowed to take coursework while participating in an internship. If there are extenuating circumstances, exceptions can be discussed with the internship coordinator.
  9. A student can be withdrawn from an internship by mutual agreement of the agency and the university if the student's performance is unacceptable.

Specific requirements

Following the student's agency search, the final site selection and confirmation must be arranged through the internship coordinator. The following steps must be completed:

  1. The student participates in a minimum of 40 hours per credit providing services to the agency.
  2. Student submit records, reports, summaries, and a notebook on the scheduled due dates.
  3. Student satisfactorily completes assigned agency responsibilities as evaluated by the agency supervisor and faculty supervisor. Unexcused absences and/or tardiness from assigned duties are grounds for failure in the course.
  4. Evaluation of the student's work follows the format and procedures outlined in the records and reports section.