Admissions/application process

Prospective students must complete the following steps to apply to the Kinesiology Department graduate program:

  1. Take the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) and have the scores sent to Iowa State University.
  2. Applicants whose primary language is not English must meet the English proficiency requirement by any one of the options listed on the ISU Graduate College Admission site.
  3. Apply via ISU Admissions.
    • Three people must send letters of recommendation for you.
    • The letters should speak to your academic strengths, so they should be from professors from your previous degree.
    • Tell those writing letters of recommendation that they will provide them as a part of the ISU Admissions online application process. (You provide the contact information when applying, and the university makes contact.) Do not have letters sent separately.
  4. Download and complete the Graduate Program Information Sheet (PDF):
    • Identify your areas of interest and the graduate faculty with whom you’d like to work.
  5. Apply for an assistantship in kinesiology. If you're interested, fill out the Application for Graduate Assistantship (PDF) and upload as a supplemental item in the portal.
  6. The following documents should be attached as SUPPLEMENTAL ITEMS in the graduate admissions application portal:
    • Graduate program information sheet
    • Expanded personal statement (optional)
    • Your resume
    • Application for Graduate Assistantship