Governance is shared by the faculty and the chair of the department. The faculty is the legislative body of the department. It has responsibility for and authority over educational policies and procedures of the department, including, but not limited to, admissions requirements, graduation requirements, academic standards, degree programs, curricula, and courses.

The faculty will recommend candidates for degrees, certificates, and licenses, and will serve in an advisory role to the chair of the department on administrative matters as they relate to the academic and educational issues, or to the general welfare of the faculty.

Department of Kinesiology Governance Document

The governance document describes general policies and procedures of the department pertaining to:

  • Faculty and administrative structure
  • Committee structure
  • Personnel recruitment
  • Evaluation
  • Retention
  • Promotion
  • Grievances
  • Amendment of the governance document

It is the faculty's intent that these policies and procedures will allow the department to carry on its work in an expedient manner and, at the same time, provide for an informed and fair decision making process.