Social sciences

The following list of courses can be used to meet the 3-credit requirement under the social sciences area of general education. This is not a complete list of courses -- see your adviser if you have another class choice you’d like to check for use in this area.


ADVRT 230 Advertising Principles

African American studies

AF AM 330 Ethnic and Race Relations


AGRON 342 World Food Issues: Past and Present*
AGRON 450 Issues in Sustainable Agriculture

American Indian studies

AM IN 320 Great Plains Archaeology**
AM IN 322 Peoples and Cultures of Native North America
AM IN 323 A-D Topics in Latin American Anthropology*
AM IN 332 A-D Current Issues in Native North America


Anthr 201 Intro to Cultural Anthropology*
Anthr 220 Global Sustainability*
Anthr 230 (LAS 230) Third World Cultures in Global Perspective*
Anthr 306 Comparative Studies of World Cultures*
Anthr 308 Archaeology
Anthr 309 Introduction to Culture & Language*
Anthr 313 Family and Kinship in Cross-Cultural Perspective*
Anthr 320 Great Plains Archaeology
Anthr 322 (Am In 322) The American Indian**
Anthr 323 (Am In 323) Peoples and Cultures of Latin America*
Anthr 332 Current Issues in Native North America
Anthr 336 Global Development*
Anthr 340 Magic, Witchcraft & Religion*
Anthr 354 War and Politics of Humanitarianism*
Anthr 411 Applied Anthropology*
Anthr 418 Global Culture, Consumption and Modernity*
Anthr 427I Field Archaeology
Anthr 431 Ethnographic Field School
Anthr 444 Sex and Gender in Cross-cultural Perspective*
Anthr 450 Historical & Theoretical Approaches in Anthropology

Apparel, merchandising, and design

A M D 165 Dress and Diversity in Society
A M D 362 Cultural Perspectives of Dress*
A M D 467 Consumer Behavior

Classical studies

CL ST 394 The Archaeology of Greece: An Introduction
CL ST 395 Study Abroad: The Archaeology of Greece

Communications studies

COMST 101 Introduction to Communication Studies
COMST 102 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
COMST 210 Communication and US Diversity
COMST 301 Human Communication Theory
COMST 310 Intercultural Communication
COMST 311 Studies in Interpersonal Communication
COMST 314 Organizational Communication
COMST 317 Small Group Communication
COMST 325 Nonverbal Communication

Community and regional planning

C R P 201 The North American Metropolis**
C R P 291 World Cities and Globalization*
C R P 320 Urban Geography
C R P 376 Rural, Urban and Regional Economics
C R P 429 Planning in Developing Countries
C R P 435 Planning in Small Towns
C R P 436 Community Economic Development
C R P 445 Transportation Policy and Planning

Criminal justice studies

CJ ST 240 Introduction to the U.S. Criminal Justice System
CJ ST 241 Youth and Crime
CJ ST 320 American Judicial Process
CJ ST 339 Liberty and Law in America
CJ ST 340 Deviant and Criminal Behavior
CJ ST 341 Criminology
CJ ST 351 Police and Society
CJ ST 352 Punishment, Corrections, and Society
CJ ST 402 White-Collar Crime
CJ ST 403 Criminal Offenders
CJ ST 484 Topical Studies in Criminal and Juvenile Justice

Curriculum and instruction

C I 332 Educational Psychology of Young Learners
C I 333 Educational Psychology
C I 347 Nature of Science
C I 420 Bilingualism, Bilingual Education, and U.S. Mexican Youth
C I 450 Ethnicity and Learning


Econ 101 Principles of Microeconomics
Econ 102 Principles of Macroeconomics
Econ 235 Introduction to Agricultural Markets
Econ 301 Intermediate Microeconomics
Econ 302 Intermediate Macroeconomics
Econ 313 Economics of Sports
Econ 320 Labor Economics*
Econ 321 (WGS 321) Economics of Discrimination**
Econ 335 The Economics of Global Agricultural Food and Bio-energy
Econ 344 Public Finance
Econ 353 Money, Banking, and Financial Institutions
Econ 355 International Trade & Finance*
Econ 370 Comparative Capitalism & Econ Transitions*
Econ 376 Rural, Urban and Regional Economics
Econ 378 Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits**
Econ 380 Environmental and Resource Economics
Econ 385 Economic Development
Econ 387 Economies of China and India

Environmental studies

ENV S 220 Global Sustainability*
ENV S 320 Ecofeminism
ENV S 342 World Food Issues: Past and Present*
ENV S 345 Population and Society*
ENV S 380 Environmental and Resource Economics
ENV S 382 Environmental Sociology
ENV S 383 Environmental Politics and Policies
ENV S 442 The Policy and Politics of Coastal Areas
ENV S 450 Issues in Sustainable Agriculture*

Food science and human nutrition

FS HN 342 World Food Issues: Past and Present*


Geron 373 (HD FS 373) Death as a Part of Living
Geron 377 (HD FS 377) Aging and the Family**
Geron 378 (HD FS 378) Economics of Aging**

Global resource systems

GLOBE 220 Global Sustainability*
GLOBE 385 Economic Development*

Human development and family studies

HD FS 102 Individual and Family Life Development
HD FS 227 Adolescent and Emerging Adulthood
HD FS 234 Adult Development and Aging
HD FS 239 Housing and Consumer Issues
HD FS 269 Research in Human Development and Family Studies
HD FS 270 Family Communications and Relationships
HD FS 276 Human Sexuality
HD FS 341 Housing Finance and Policy
HD FS 360 Housing and Services for Families and Children
HD FS 367 Abuse and Illness in Families
HD FS 373 Death as a Part of Living
HD FS 377 Aging and the Family
HD FS 378 Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits
HD FS 395 Children, Families, and Public Policy
HD FS 479 Family Interaction Dynamics

Iowa lakeside laboratory

IA LL 427I Field Archaeology

International studies

INTST 235 Introduction to International Studies*
INTST 395E Interdisciplinary Study Abroad: Social Sciences
INTST 430 Seminar in International Studies*

Journalism and mass communications

JL MC 101 Mass Media and Society
JL MC 401 Mass Communication Theory
JL MC 462 Media, Ethics, Freedom, Responsibility
JL MC 474 Communication Technology and Social Change*
JL MC 476 World Communication Systems*
JL MC 477 Ethnicity, Gender, Class and the Media**

Leadership studies

LD ST 322 Leadership Styles and Strategies in a Diverse Society*
LD ST 333 Women and Leadership**
LD ST 488 Research on Women and Leadership

Liberal Arts and Sciences Cross-Disciplinary Studies

LAS 350D Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Sciences


LING 305 Language, Thought and Action
LING 309 Introduction to Culture and Language*

Navel science

N S 220 Leadership and Management


Phil 339 Liberty and Law in America

Political science

Pol S 215 Intro to American Government
Pol S 235 Intro to Political Theory
Pol S 241 Intro to Comparative Government and Politics*
Pol S 251 Introduction to International Politics*
Pol S 305 Political Behavior
Pol S 306 Public Opinion and Voting Behavior
Pol S 310 State and Local Government
Pol S 311 Municipal Government and Politics
Pol S 312 Special Topics in Theory & Methods
Pol S 313 Special Topics in Theory and Methods
Pol S 314 Special Topics in Comparative Politics
Pol S 315 Special Topics in International Relations
Pol S 318 Campaign and Elections
Pol S 319 Law and Politics
Pol S 320 American Judical Process
Pol S 333 Democracy and Diversity in America**
Pol S 334 Politics and Society
Pol S 335 Science, Technology, and Public Policy
Pol S 339 Liberty and Law in America
Pol S 340 Politics of Developing Areas
Pol S 343 Latin American Government and Politics
Pol S 344 Public Policy
Pol S 345 Immigration Policy
Pol S 346 European Politics
Pol S 349 Politics of Russia and the Soviet Successor States*
Pol S 350 Politics of the Middle East*
Pol S 354 War and the Politics of Humanitarianism*
Pol S 356-359 Theories of International Politics
Pol S 360 American Institutions: Congress
Pol S 361 American Institutions: The Presidency
Pol S 363 American Institutions: Media
Pol S 364 Political Parties and Interest Groups
Pol S 370 Religion and Politics
Pol S 371 Introduction to Public Administration
Pol S 381 International Political Economy
Pol S 383 Environmental Politics and Policies
Pol S 385 Women in Politics**
Pol S 413 Intergovernmental Relations
Pol S 420 Consitutional Law
Pol S 421 Constitutional Freedoms
Pol S 422 International Law
Pol S 431 Modern Political Thought
Pol S 442 The Policy and Politics of Coastal Areas
Pol S 452 Comparative Foreign Policy*
Pol S 453 International Organizations
Pol S 470 Political Game Theory
Pol S 475 Management in the Public Sector
Pol S 477 Government, Business, and Society
Pol S 480 Ethics and Public Policy
Pol S 485 Comparative Public Administration
Pol S 487 Electronic Democracy


Psych 101 Introduction to Psychology
Psych 230 Developmental Psychology
Psych 250 Psychology of the Workplace
Psych 280 Social Psychology
Psych 312 Sensation and Perception
Psych 313 Learning and Memory
Psych 314 Motivation
Psych 315 Drugs and Behavior
Psych 316 Cognitive Psychology
Psych 318 Thinking and Decision Making
Psych 333 Educational Psychology
Psych 335 Abnormal Psychology of Children and Adolescents
Psych 346 (WGS 346) Psychology of Women**
Psych 347 U.S. Latino/a Psychology**
Psych 350 Human Factors in Technology
Psych 360 Psychology of Normal Personality
Psych 380 Social Cognition
Psych 381 Social Psychology of Small Group Behavior
Psych 383 Psychology and Law
Psych 386 Media Psychology
Psych 411 Evolutionary Psychology
Psych 450 Industrial Psychology
Psych 460 Abnormal Psychology
Psych 484 Psychology of Close Relationships
Psych 487 Human Aggression
Psych 488 Cultural Psychology*

Public relations

P R 220 Principles of Public relations


RELIG 340 Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion
RELIG 370 Religion and Politics


Soc 134 Introduction to Sociology
Soc 219 Sociology of Intimate Relationships
Soc 230 Rural Society in Transition
Soc 235 Social Problems and American Values**
Soc 241 Youth and Crime
Soc 305 Small Group Dynamics
Soc 310 Social Psychology: A Sociological Perspective
Soc 325 Transition in Agriculture
Soc 327 (WGS 327) Sex and Gender in Society**
Soc 328 Sociology of Masculinities and Manhood**
Soc 330 (AF AM 330) Ethnic and Race Relations**
Soc 331 Social Class and Inequality**
Soc 332 The Latino/Latina Experience in U.S. Society**
Soc 334 Politics and Society
Soc 340 (CJ ST 340) Deviant and Criminal Behavior
Soc 341 Criminology
Soc 345 Population and Society*
Soc 348 Global Poverty, Resources and Sustainable Development
Soc 351 Police and Society
Soc 352 Punishment, Corrections, and Society
Soc 377 Social Dimensions of Religion
Soc 380 Sociology of Work
Soc 381 Social Psychology of Small Group Behavior
Soc 382 Environmental Sociology
Soc 401 Contemporary Sociological Theories
Soc 402 White-Collar Crime
Soc 411 Social Change in Developing Countries*
Soc 415 Dynamics of Social Change
Soc 420 Complex Organizations
Soc 435 Urban Society
Soc 464 Strategies for Community Engagement
Soc 485 Sociology of the Family

Speech communications

SP CM 110 Listening
SP CM 305 Language, Thought and Action
SP CM 323 Gender and Communication**
SP CM 417 Campaign Rhetoric

Technology and social change

T SC 110 Technology: International, Social, and Human Issues
T SC 220 Global Sustainability*
T SC 341 Technology: International, Social, and Human Issues
T SC 342 World Food Issues: Past and Present*
T SC 474 Communication Technology and Social Change*

U.S. Latino/a studies

US LS 322 The Latino/Latina Experience in U.S. Society
US LS 343 Latin American Government and Politics
US LS 347 U.S. Latino/a Psychology

Women's and gender studies

WGS 203 Introduction to Lesbian Studies**
WGS 205 Introduction to Queer Studies**
WGS 302 Issues in Women's Health and Reproduction**
WGS 320 Ecofeminism
WGS 321 Economics of Discrimination**
WGS 323 Gender and Communication**
WGS 325 Portrayals of Gender and Sexualities in the Media**
WGS 327 Sex and Gender in Society**
WGS 328 Sociology of Masculinities and Manhood**
WGS 333 Women and Leadership**
WGS 346 Psychology of Women**
WGS 385 Women in Politics**
WGS 401 Feminist Theories
WGS 425 Intersections of Race, Class and Gender
WGS 435 Women and Development
WGS 444 Sex and Gender in Cross-cultural Perspective
WGS 488 Research on Women and Leadership

* Course also meets international perspectives requirement.
** Course also meets U.S diversity requirement.

Check the Department listings for U.S. diversity and international perspectives for additional choices that are specifically coded as “social sciences”.

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