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Rudy Valentine

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Kinesiology

Office: 111c Forker 534 Wallace Rd., Ames, IA 50011
Phone number: +1 515 294 3867
Email: rvalenti@iastate.edu

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Research interests

Our lab is focused on improving our understanding of bio-behavioral factors linking excess body fat and sedentary lifestyle with risk for cardiometabolic diseases. As both a basic and applied exercise physiologist, my work probes into mechanistic pathways and addresses public health issues associated with obesity, diabetes, and aging. To tackle these challenges, we use a variety of methods, including cell culture, rodent models, and clinical human studies.

Toward the ultimate goal of improving human health and quality of life, my research agenda is focused on three intersecting themes:

(1) identifying the mechanism(s) through which behavioral (e.g., exercise and diet) and pharmacologic therapies mitigate cardiometabolic disease pathogenesis, with a focus on inflammation;

(2) examining the relationships between physical activity/fitness, diet, and risk factors for physical disability (e.g., muscle strength, muscle quality, and physical function); and

(3) investigating the interactions of fitness, obesity, sleep, inflammation and behavior.




Lab Website: https://valentineresearchlab.weebly.com/

Published papers:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/bibliography/1X7I9jqQjcl5G/bibliography/public/



KIN 462 – Medical Aspects of Exercise; Fall, Spring.

This course uses a combination of lecture, class discussion, data assessment, and problem-based learning involving case studies to reinforce knowledge and application of key concepts.

KIN 358 - Physiology of Exercise; Spring.

This course is lecture based, incorporating chapter activities and data-based 'lab' assigments.