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Crystal Mensen

Major: Kinesiology and Health

Minor/option/emphasis: KIN-Community and Public Health

Company/Organization: Healthiest Ames
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Ames, IA
Timeframe: Fall

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
Some of my responsibilities included attending meetings, taking meeting minutes, email correspondence, planning/organizing for the Open Streets event, participation at the career fair, and writing various reports.

I accomplished...
My greatest accomplishment was planning and organizing the Open Streets event that Healthiest Ames hosted in October. I learned various things from event planning to volunteer management.

I learned...
Something I learned from my internship was how much work it is to run a non-profit like Healthiest Ames. Most of the people that are a part of Healthiest Ames are full-time employees who are dedicated to improving the health of the community. Though they do not spend most of their time on Healthiest Ames work, they are still dedicated to the goals of the organization. I also learned how important funding is to the organization. The grants Healthiest Ames receives make it possible to achieve their mission and goals.

Advice for others...
My advice for future students is to work hard and don't procrastinate. As a student, it is easy to save work until the last minute but in a professional setting it can make everything more stressful. It becomes especially stressful when others are counting on your work to get done by a certain time/day. Another piece of advice is to not be afraid to do something wrong. Making mistakes can help in the learning process.

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