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Brie Johnson

Major: Kinesiology and Health

Minor/option/emphasis: KIN-Exercise Science

Company/Organization: North Dakota State University Strength and Conditioning
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Fargo, ND
Timeframe: Spring

Advisor/Coordinator Email:

I was responsible for...
Being an intern at NDSU for Strength and Conditioning comes with a lot of responsibilities. Included are: - Assisting main Strength coaches with lifts of assigned teams - Following an internship curriculum including videos, articles, books, and programing - Keeping up on education - Daily and weekly cleaning and upkeep - Set up and tear down of lifts - Constant communication with other strength coaches, athletes, and athletic coaches

I accomplished...
My greatest accomplishment is learning how to program for the different athletic seasons.

I learned...
My greatest lesson I have learned is to stay on top of your work and don't procrastinate, because you will be staying up until midnight the night before something is due and have to get up at 4AM for a 5AM shift.

Advice for others...
Keep on top of your work, seek continuing education, stay curious, and work harder than you think you need to.

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