Student Profiles

Colleen Humble

Colleen Humble knows she wants to be a sports dietitian. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys cooking, working out, and spending time with family and friends.

Jenna Petersen

Jenna wants to use her degree in kinesiology and health to work in health coaching and wellness. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys exercising, baking, or playing guitar.

Brie Johnson

Brie Johnson wants to help individuals with their health goals. When she isn't studying, she enjoys going to State Gym, lifting weights, and watching "Grey's Anatomy," "One Tree Hill," or "Supernatural" on Netflix.

Genevieve Hepworth

Genevieve (Genny) knows she wants to work as a pediatric physical therapist. When she isn’t studying she enjoys spending time outdoors, reading leisurely, and making time for close family and friends.

Elizabeth Davitt

Elizabeth (Liz) Davitt plans to combine her love of nutrition and exercise in her future career. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys relaxing, having movie nights with friends, and simply enjoying her study breaks.

Jade Weber

Jade Weber aspires to help athletes as a physical therapist. When she isn’t studying or working for the Iowa Wild hockey team, she enjoys going to concerts, spending time with her family and friends, and parenting her two dogs: Bear and Bogey.

Sara Martin

Sara Martin can't wait to help athletes with nutrition. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys working out, painting, and taking naps.

Elisabeth Burken

Elisabeth (Libby) Burken knows she's headed toward a clinical career. When she isn't studying she enjoys volunteering, watching Netflix, and crafting.

Matthew Eaton

Matthew Eaton intends to use his degree to work as a cardiac rehab specialist. When he isn’t studying, he enjoys playing computer games, longboarding outside, and bowling with friends.

Mallory Majors

Mallory Majors wants to work as an occupational therapist. When she isn't studying she enjoys reading, going shopping, and running with her dog.

Parker Hinkle

Parker hopes to work as a surgeon. When he isn't studying or getting involved on campus, he enjoys hanging out with friends, relaxing, and taking advantage of his rare free time.

India Chapman

India Chapman intends to work as a physical therapist. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys hanging out with friends, working out, and binge watching "The Walking Dead" on Netflix.

Joseph Hassett

Joey Hassett hopes to become a sports dietitian for the Olympics. When he isn’t studying, he enjoys training for triathlons with his teammates and closest friends.

Zebulun Callahan

Zebulun Callahan looks forward to a career helping athletes. When he isn't studying, he enjoys working out at Lied Recreation and finding new ways to keep himself active and healthy.

Amos Kotz

Amos Kotz knows he wants to help people through physical therapy. When he isn't studying, he enjoys exercising at Lied Rec., shopping in Des Moines for art, and riding his bike.

Maranda Hahn

Maranda Hahn knows she wants to work in the medical field. When she isn't studying, she enjoys working out (cardio especially), riding her bike, and unwinding by watching The Bachelor or Grey's Anatomy with friends.

Karter Ewing

Karter Ewing has his mind set on helping future athletes. When he isn't studying, he enjoys taking advantage of the free clubs and activities on campus including Cyclone Cinema or playing intramural sports.

Shelly Palmer

Shelly Palmer plans to become a registered dietitian. When she isn't studying, she enjoys running, exploring different trails around Ames, and being outside.

Megan Slattery

Megan Slattery intends to use her degree to be a family physician and nutritional counselor. When she isn't studying, she enjoys going to the gym, making crafts, and exploring the Ames area with friends.

William Franke

William Franke hopes to use his degree to work with a relief group. When he isn't studying, he enjoys playing the piano, rock climbing, and hammocking on central campus.

Molly Goltz

Molly Goltz wants to be an osteopathic family physician. When she isn't studying she enjoys playing basketball, hanging out with friends, and exploring new places in Ames.

Taylor Paulsen

Taylor Paulsen is looking forward to graduate school so she can practice medicine. When she isn't studying she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, reading, and participating in intramural sports on campus.

Mikayla Cummings

Mikayla Cummings is hoping to become a physician assistant. When she isn't studying she enjoys spending time with friends, watching Netflix, and getting involved on campus.

Caitlyn Greenspan

Caitlyn Greenspan combined her love of medicine and sports to become an athletic training major. When she isn't helping teams and studying, she enjoys watching sports, especially football and Blackhawks hockey.

Bria Rasmussen

Bria Rasmussen is on her way to becoming a physician assistant. When she isn't studying she enjoys finding spontaneous things to do around Ames, making memories with her friends, and reading books.

Evan Fritz

Evan Fritz has big goals for himself and plans to use his kinesiology degree to achieve them. When he isn't studying or attending club meetings, he enjoys participating in intramurals and wood working in his garage.