Undergraduate Programs

The Kinesiology Department offers three majors and several program options. Athletic Training major: For candidates wishing to become certified athletic trainers. Diet and Exericise major : A concurrent bachelor’s and master’s degree program. In this program you will work with both the Department of Kinesiology and the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition. Kinesiology and Health major: The undergraduate program in Kinesiology and Health is designed for students who are interested in careers in health, preventive medicine, rehabilitation, human movement, and sport.  Within this major, you may choose from five academic options.

Community/public health

Pre-health professions

Exercise science

Physical activity and health promotion

Physical education teacher education

No matter which option you choose, you’ll explore the discipline of Kinesiology and Health in depth. You will study the biomechanical aspects of human movement, the physiology of exercise, and motor behavior and control.


The marketplace for our graduates has expanded dramatically in the last ten years. In addition to preparing students for careers in teaching and coaching, we offer programs in health promotion and athletic training in response to the expanding needs of our society, which is increasingly interested in health and fitness. We are an excellent track for those preparing for professional school such as physical therapy, human medicine, physical assistant, and others. As a result of our expanded curriculum, our graduates are well-prepared for a variety of professional pursuits. Flexible and well-designed, our program will allow you to exercise your options in whatever career path you choose.

Diet and Exercise BS/MS

The Diet and Exercise BS/MS gives you both a Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Master of Science (MS) degree upon completion. This program includes course work which leads to  becoming:

  • A credentialed registered dietitian (RD)
  • A certified exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine

The program is jointly administered by the Department of Kinesiology and the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.