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New overseas programs to help students engage in high-impact learning
Students in the College of Human Sciences will have four additional opportunities to study abroad next summer.
College of Human Sciences and departmental scholarship recipients recognized
The College of Human Sciences celebrated student scholarship recipients and donors at its annual scholarship recognition event.
Pitchford breaks barriers to exercise for youth with developmental disabilities
Andy Pitchford is improving the lives of youth with developmental disabilities by enhancing their physical activity.
Pease Family Scholar will discuss genetics of physical activity in ISU lecture Oct. 19
A federally funded scientist who researches the genetics of physical activity will speak at Iowa State University as the Pease Family Scholar on Thursday, Oct. 19.
High-intensity workouts send the wrong message, says Iowa State professor
Kinesiology professor Paddy Ekkekakis says high-intensity interval training is not sustainable for the majority of people who are trying to lose weight and move more.
Meyer leverages exercise studies to boost mental, physical health
Jacob Meyer is bringing exercise’s benefits to those who, due to chronic conditions, have unique relationships with exercise routines.
Human scientists celebrate passion for helping people
Human Sciences Week will from Oct. 2 to 6 celebrate the dedication of students, faculty, and staff to improve people’s lives.
New hire in kinesiology enhances Iowa State’s relationship with Des Moines University
Jim Lang, a new assistant professor in kinesiology, is an exercise physiologist who specializes in cardiovascular physiology.
Iowa State boxing program powers through Parkinson’s disease
Iowa State researchers are using shadowboxing to build the cognitive and physical development of those with Parkinson’s disease.
Brain research aims to reduce effects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
Human scientists provide expertise in Iowa State’s brain initiative aimed at reducing effects of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Kinesiology Department News

Kinesiology Department News

Naomi Petrich prepares for physician assistant school in student profile

Naomi Petrich's dream of becoming a physician assistant has started to become reality as she begins to apply to physician assistant school. When she isn't preparing her application materials, she enjoys golfing with her friends and re-watching episodes of Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill. More».

Ruth MacDonald, Spyridoula Vazou featured in Faculty Focus video

Ruth MacDonald, professor and chair of food science and human nutrition, and Spyridoula Vazou, associate professor in kinesiology, were recently featured in a Faculty Focus video by the College of Human Sciences. These videos highlight human scientists at Iowa State University. Visit the college's YouTube channel to see all Faculty Focus videos. More».

Haley Schany identifies true passion after hands-on experience in student profile

Haley Schany is certain she wants to be a physician's assistant. In the mean time, she enjoys going on adventures with friends and cheering on the Cyclones with the greatest fan base in the country. More».

Andra Luth shares her love of exercise with the community in student profile

Andra Luth decided to major in kinesiology after suffering a sports injury in high school. When she isn't preparing for physical therapy school, she enjoys running and watching "Friends" with her roommates. More».

Laura Dunn Jolly, Sarah Francis, Jason Gillette, Emily Hayden featured in Faculty Focus videos

Laura Dunn Jolly, dean and Dean's Chair of the College of Human Sciences; Sarah Francis, an associate professor in food science and human nutrition; Jason Gillette, an associate professor in kinesiology; and Emily Hayden, an assistant professor in the School of Education; are four of the most recent faculty members to be featured in the College of Human Sciences' Faculty Focus videos. These videos highlight human scientists at Iowa State University. Visit the College of Human Sciences' YouTube channel to see all Faculty Focus videos. More».

Daniel Shultz utilizes athletic training program opportunities in student profile:

Daniel Shultz hopes to work as an athletic trainer in either the NFL or at a Division I school. For now, he spends his time enjoying the outdoors by hiking, playing football, and hammocking. More».

Elsevier highlights Department of Kinesiology research in Atlas Award feature:

Elsevier published an article featuring research conducted at Iowa State University that suggests running for an hour per week can lead to a longer life and cardiovascular benefits. The study recently received the Elsevier Atlas Award, a monthly international research award recognizing journal articles that have high potential to make an impact on human lives. Elsevier's article includes a Q-and-A with Duck-chul "DC" Lee, an associate professor in kinesiology and the lead author of the study. More».

Carol Cordell receive University Awards:

A kinesiology faculty and staff member was recognized on Sept. 25 at Iowa State University's annual awards ceremony. Carol Cordell, an academic adviser in kinesiology, received the Regents Award for Staff Excellence, which recognizes outstanding university citizens for their significant service to the university or the state of Iowa. More».

Iowa State Daily features interdepartmental research initiative to improve chemical protective gear:

Guowen Song, the Noma Scott Lloyd Chair Professor in Textiles and Clothing; Warren Franke, a professor in kinesiology; and Xinwei Wang, a professor in mechanical engineering, were featured in the Iowa State Daily for their collaborative efforts to create Chemical Protective Clothing that is more comfortable and thermal resistant than existing clothing. The team hopes their research will improve the workplace safety of people like firefighters and soldiers. More».

Keesha Gaines advocates undecided program in student profile:

Keesha Gaines wants to work as an occupational therapist in the future. Right now, she spends time binge watching television, working, or playing basketball. More».

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