Physical Education/Pedagogical Kinesiology Graduate Degrees

M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Pedagogical Kinesiology focus on the research and development of innovative approaches to K-12 physical education that help children and adolescents develop healthful living knowledge and skills.

Students can choose from specific areas of study for their graduate training depending on their own academic interest and major professors’ scope of expertise.

Current faculty expertise includes:

  • Dr. Chen’s research is focused on energy balance literacy promotion, achievement motivation, curriculum and instruction in physical education.
  • Dr. Vazou’s research is focused on children’s motivation and physical activity promotion in classroom settings.

Kinesiology faculty provide students with individualized mentorship through the milestones that lead to becoming a solid scholar and obtaining the degree.


The M.S. degree in Pedagogical Kinesiology is ideal for students who wish to continue their education in a doctoral program or who wish to combine a graduate degree and teaching licensure for physical education. M.S. students have the option to seek Iowa teaching licensure in physical education along with the M.S. degree. They can pursue either the Kinesiology thesis or the non-thesis, creative component track. Students with a bachelor’s degree in disciplines such as kinesiology and education are strongly encouraged to apply for this program.

Licensure: Students combine their Kinesiology M.S. with licensure by applying to the ISU School of Education Educator Preparation program. ISU Teacher Education Services staff members guide students through admission and along the path to licensure.

The program of study requires a minimum of 51 credit hours of coursework (minimum of 33 for receiving the M.S. degree).


The Ph.D. degree in Pedagogical Kinesiology prepares students to become faculty in physical education teacher education or related areas at the university level.


  • The Department of Kinesiology offers teaching assistantships to qualified graduate students.

  • The ISU Graduate College offers fellowship to qualified graduate students on a competitive basis.

  • Our Pedagogical Kinesiology Lab may (subject to funding availability) offers research assistantships to qualified full-time graduate students to assist in funded research projects. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for these assistantships.


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