Students typically take two years (four semesters and one or two summer sessions) to complete the kinesiology M.S. program.

First semester

  • Complete a long range plan for course work with your adviser. Since some courses are offered only once every two years, it is important for you to project ahead to be sure you get the courses you need. Your major professor should be aware of the rotation of courses in the kinesiology department.
  • International students must take the graduate English exam.

Second semester

  • Begin developing an idea for your creative component or thesis topic: Speak with faculty and other graduate students in your area of interest, read relevant research, attend departmental seminars to see what others in the department are doing, and ask many questions.
  • Form a program of study (POS) committee. Your major professor will help you with the selection of graduate faculty for this committee.

Summer session

  • Continue course work.
  • Finalize plans for your project.

Third semester

  • Complete the proposal and present the proposal to the program of study committee and interested faculty and graduate students.
  • Collect data for your thesis. Find and organize research studies that relate to your career path if you are completing the creative component. The thesis option has more rigid deadlines than the creative component, so more lead time is necessary for a thesis project.

Fourth semester

  • Complete data collection.
  • Complete the writing of the project.
  • Complete the final oral exam.