Degree requirements

Course requirements

Research core

13 credits for thesis option, 9 credits for non-thesis option:

  • Stat 401 (4 credits)
  • KIN 501 (3 credits)
  • KIN 669 ( 6 credits)  OR KIN 599 for creative component (2 credits)

Kinesiology core

6 credits in primary area, 3 credits in secondary area

These courses will be planned with the faculty adviser to ensure they are appropriate for the student's career and educational goals.


3 credits must be outside of the department.

  • Thesis option: 8 credits of electives
  • Non-thesis option: 15 credits of electives (12 must be in kinesiology)

Total credits

  • 30 credits minimum for thesis option
  • 33 credits minimum for non-thesis option

Additional requirements

Thesis: The thesis requires a research project culminating in a written document that includes a well supported rationale, review of literature, results, and a discussion of results.

Creative component: The creative component requires a written document in which research is incorporated and applied to a professional setting.

Presentation: Both the thesis and creative component must be orally defended in a public presentation before the Program of Study Committee.