General information for applying/admission

Refer to these topics for general information about applying and getting started in the kinesiology graduate program:

Letters of recommendation

Letters of recommendation must be submitted via ISU Admissions. You need to inform thosewriting letters of recommendation that they will provide them as a part of the ISU Admissions online application process. You provide the contact information when applying online, and the university makes contact and requests the letters. Do not have letters sent separately.


International students that are non-native English speakers must take the TOEFL. Students that have received a graduate degree in an English-speaking country do not need to take the TOEFL.

Financial statement

International students must also submit a financial statement. The financial statement must be submitted directly to Graduate Admissions at the time you apply for admission. It is not to be submitted after you are accepted to the department.


Send transcripts directly to Graduate Admissions. International students must send their transcripts in both English and their native language.


You will receive an e-mail from the Director of Graduate Education (DOGE) in Kinesiology as soon as the committee reviews the applications. This can be anywhere from the end of February to the middle of March.

Registering for classes

After contacting your assigned major professor, you can register for classes on AccessPlus. You will need your student ID and AccessPlus password to do this.

Student ID and AccessPlus password

Student ID.The Graduate Secretary will send you your ISU Student ID number after you receive your official letter from the Graduate College.

AccessPlus initial password. The default password is a four-digit number reflecting your birth month and day. For example, July 24 would be 0724. After you log in the first time you will be asked to change it to a password of your choice.

Before classes start

Before arriving on campus in August (fall enrollment) you will receive:
  • A letter of intent
  • Payroll information
  • Orientation schedule

After you arrive on campus: Keys, ISU card, e-mail account and office assignment will occur. Contact Lori Wildeman for more information.

ID card

To get an ISU ID card, go to the ISU Card Office at 0530 Beardshear Hall (campus map). (Get your ID card before you get your email address.)

Email address

To get an ISU email address, go to the Solution Center in 192 Parks Library (campus map) after you get your ISU ID card.

Teaching assignments

Your teaching assignments should be sent to you by the 1st of August.


During the orientation sessions, you will have assistance in creating a syllabus. Also, we have many examples of current Kinesiology syllabi online. Classes are identified by course number.