ISU Exercise Clinic

The Exercise Clinic at ISU is an on-campus adult fitness program sponsored by the Kinesiology Department and has been in existence since 1974. It operates under the direction of Warren D. Franke, Ph.D., a faculty member in this department.

Purpose: The primary objective of The Exercise Clinic at ISU is to enable participants in having a program of lifelong physical activity that will reduce their risk for chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. We achieve this objective by:

  • Providing safe and effective exercise programs specific to each participant
  • Creating an environment conducive to participants enjoying physical activity
  • Administering physiological tests to identify fitness levels and areas needing improvement
  • Providing other services which facilitate participants reducing their chronic disease risk, such as blood lipid profile

KIN Facilities Facilities: Our facility is located in Room 194 of the Forker Building. This 8700 ft2 air-conditioned facility is equipped with an extensive array of cardiovascular and resistive exercise equipment. We have 22 cardiovascular stations, including treadmills, stairsteppers, elliptical machines, rowers, recumbent and upright cycle ergometers, NuSteps, a Versaclimber, and a NordicTrack ski machine. We have 13 Keiser resistive exercise stations, dumbbells ranging from 2 to 100 pounds, a flat and an incline bench, and other related exercise equipment such as resistive bands and medicine balls. This equipment was chosen for its ease of use, suitability for a diverse group of people, “user friendliness,” and safety.

Supervision: Each class is supervised by an exercise leader. This leader is a graduate student in the Kinesiology Department. She or he is assisted by several senior undergraduate students with a similar major who are completing a required internship.

pic3Participants: The program is open to the ISU community and the general public. To be considered for the program, the individual completes an application or registration form.

All new participants are required to undergo an initial fitness assessment. We attempt to meet these objectives by initially assessing the current level of cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance, as well as the body composition of each new member. From this we develop an exercise prescription outlining what and how each person needs to exercise.

New participants are then enrolled in one or more of our fitness classes of their choosing, which enables them to exercise in a structured environment. Each new participant is encouraged to be re-assessed three months later to determine the efficacy of the exercise program. All new participants are required to undergo a fitness assessment. If a new participant possesses significant cardiovascular disease risk factors, then this person may be required to undergo a physician-supervised maximal graded exercise test or receive written permission by their personal physician.


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