Kinesiology academic advisers and the staff in the College of Human Sciences Career Services office can help you map out your goals, and guide you through the coursework and experiences you’ll need to land placement in a top graduate school, dream internship, or stellar first job. The following services are available through the Kinesiology Advising Offices:

Career exploration

  • KIN 252 is a one-credit class which all students complete during their first semester in the department. This course is structured to help the student explore the career options available in Kinesiology.
  • Kinesiology career forums host professionals from a variety of career fields who talk about and answer questions regarding jobs and current market trends. Videotapes of these forums are available for check-out in Rm 203 Forker Building.
  • Professional and alumni contact files are available to connect students with professionals in the field.
  • Field experience files (800+ agencies) and other agency contact information are available which provide students with career and contact information.

Career planning

  • KIN 253 is a one-credit class and will provide assistance with course planning, career exploration, and/or adjustments in course sections/times is available each semester.
  • Long term planning helps the student create an extended plan for taking classes and helps the student graduate in four years.
  • Information is available regarding minors, second teaching areas, and important elective course choices to better prepare the student for the job market.

Job search/placement assistance

  • KIN/HS 385 is a course which assists the student in job and field experience search techniques and the preparation of a resume and related materials.
  • Agency resource files are available with 800+ agencies on file. A notebook of useful websites for job exploration is also maintained.
  • A Jobs Board is maintained in the lower lounge of the Forker Building with listings of professional opportunities and conferences as well as full-time, part-time, and summer jobs listings.
  • CyHire – Iowa State University’s CyHire – is a centralized job posting service that provides all qualified ISU students and alumni equal access to employment opportunities.
  • Contact Information

    Human Sciences Career Services
    131 MacKay Hall
    2302 Osborn Drive
    Ames, IA 50011-1078

  • Advising Offices

    Room 203 Forker Building

    Mon. through Fri. from 8:00 a.m. to noon and from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

    You should schedule an appointment to ensure that your adviser is available at the time you plan to see him or her!

  • Internship Experience

    Megan Joens interned at HealthFitness in Florida.

    Find out about more internship experiences at Career Connections.

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