Adviser assistance

The main responsibilities of Kinesiology academic advisers are to:

  1. Assist in the student’s intellectual and professional/career development.
  2. Help the student sharpen decision-making skills.
  3. Provide guidance in the integration the student’s academic program with future professional and career goals.

The adviser assists the student in the development of an academic program and semester-by-semester plan which not only meets the student’s career objectives but also will meet the requirements to graduate from the chosen curriculum.

Student responsibility. It is the responsibility of the student to know and understand the requirements for his/her degree and to maintain a plan with the adviser to ensure all requirements are completed according to the schedule desired by the student.

Adviser assignments

Initial assignment. Upon entering the department, each student is assigned an adviser who will work with him or her for the first three to four semesters at Iowa State.  This adviser will assist students with general university policies and procedures and university facilities and services, as well as early career exploration and professional development.

Adviser change. During the final two years of an academic program, students often change advisers for assistance in securing a career-related field experience (internship) and to a acquaint them with job search skills and strategies as they near entry into the job market.

A student may change advisers at any time in their academic program by placing a request with the new adviser.

Career/internship assistance

Career exploration, career planning, and job search services are also provided through Kinesiology advisers. Refer to the careers page for more details.

  • Internship Experience

    Sarah Schwendemann interned at Fitness World in Ankeny.

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