Rodger KramRodger Kram is named the 2016-2017 Pease Family Scholar by the Iowa State University Department of Kinesiology.


Rodger Kram, an associate professor of Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, will discuss how the biomechanics of walking and running are linked to energy expenditure. His research considers such factors as body weight, propulsive force, and arm and leg movements. He will also address how energy cost changes with age, speed, hills, shoes and leg prostheses. In addition to humans, Kram has studied the locomotion of many other animal species including ants, antelopes, penguins, kangaroos and elephants.

Rodger Kram was previously a post-doctoral fellow and faculty member in integrative biology at the University of California, Berkeley. He earned an AM and PhD in organismic and evolutionary biology from Harvard.


As the 2016-2017 Pease Family Scholar, Kram presented “The Science of Running: Linking Biomechanics and Energy Cost” at 7 p.m. on Thursday, November 17 in 1148 Gerdin Business Building. His talk was free and open to the public.