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Kinesiology News from the College of Human Sciences

Human scientists celebrate passion for helping people
Human Sciences Week will from Oct. 2 to 6 celebrate the dedication of students, faculty, and staff to improve people’s lives.
New hire in kinesiology enhances Iowa State’s relationship with Des Moines University
Jim Lang, a new assistant professor in kinesiology, is an exercise physiologist who specializes in cardiovascular physiology.
Iowa State boxing program powers through Parkinson’s disease
Iowa State researchers are using shadowboxing to build the cognitive and physical development of those with Parkinson’s disease.
Brain research aims to reduce effects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
Human scientists provide expertise in Iowa State’s brain initiative aimed at reducing effects of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
Iowa State University exercise study recognized for impact to worldwide health
Research released from Iowa State details running’s positive effects on longevity — and received an international Atlas Award.
Researchers tackle obesity from multiple perspectives
College of Human Sciences researchers in several departments seek to better understand, prevent, and treat obesity.
Festival highlights benefits of music for people with Parkinson’s disease
Elizabeth Stegemöller leads singing classes for people with Parkinson's. A festival will feature music and celebrate their strength.
Interdisciplinary team enhances protective clothing design
Interdisciplinary research in the College of Human Sciences is improving the safety of those who wear protective clothing.
Summer internships provide springboard to careers
At least 345 College of Human Sciences students secured internships this summer in Iowa and across the globe.
Renovated labs provide researchers with critical space for advancements
Building renovations provide College of Human Sciences researchers with the space and equipment crucial to their research.
Kinesiology is the study of physical activity and its impact on health, society, and quality of life (American Kinesiology Association).
We are a charter member of the American Kinesiology Association.
Exercyse is Medicine The Department of Kinesiology supports the international Exercise is Medicine (EIM) initiative launched by the American College of Sports Medicine. The goal of EIM is to make physical activity and exercise a standard part of a disease prevention and treatment medical paradigm. Visit the ExerCYse is Medicine website to learn more about our local programming.